Movies and Books: Focusing on the future.

I’ve always watched movies and I have always seen myself in them at some capacity. Typically based on where I feel I am at emotionally at that particular point in time. When watching movies as a kid I always pictured being the child in the film. It was the only way that I was able to relate to the circumstances being created. I was incapable of not becoming an active participant of whatever I was watching. Maybe I had wanted to live beyond our finite world and live in one where it only lasts for 2 hours, only be a couple of large hurdles, we all ended up happy and the bad guy goes to jail.

Lately I have been watching a movie every night with one of my best friends and I realized that I now place myself as the ‘adult’ in the movies. I don’t know why I hadn’t done this before-Probably because I feel like a huge baby most days. In the recent film that we watched it was about a family that had been broken up, with a child in the middle, and the father was an acclaimed successful chef. Quickly his name was shattered by the antagonist of the film and his world fell to embarrassment and instability.

This came at a seemingly perfect time, as it turns out. His child wanted his undivided attention and his ex-wife wanted to see him pursue his dreams of cooking the food that he loves. Everyone he worked with saw his potential and knew that he was destined to become more than just another employee. More than another chef in the crowd. His ex-wife proposed that they go back to where they met so that he could get back to his roots and find his passion where he learned it. She would fund the project as long as he spent more time with their son.

Throughout the movie I was reminded of the support a particular woman in my life gave me. Tricking me into going places to further my professional career and connect me to the people who would bring positivity into my life. The countless hours she had spent working on finding what it was that I truly loved doing flew right over my head at the time. Her intelligence and tactful demeanor precedes my presence in her life and I longed for her throughout the movie. It certainly didn’t help that female lead was a long haired brunette with a knack for charisma and witty commentary with a heart of gold and a beautiful persona.

I placed myself in the shoes of the failing man who took the opportunity to leave his hometown and listen to his ex-wife about starting a business. The premise of the business was to cook what he had always loved to cook and the cuisine of his native home in Havana, Florida. We watched the man act out irresponsibly at his son, then slowly bond with him, teaching him how to cook with passion, and eventually we see their amazing connection as they traversed the country selling food out of a refurbished food truck.

What I realized then was that I want to someday be a father who can teach his son/daughter the trades and hobbies that I love. The passions that mean the most to me. Teaching him/her how to write in cursive, taking them out to skate-parks and showin’ em what it feels like to be free on top of a plank of wood. I may not be a chef but I would love to teach them how to cook good food (By my standards, at least) Equally I want to see the woman I love as she is-A compassionate and caring person who only wants to see me happy and I want to love her and share a life with her in return.

Of course the ex-wife and the, now successful, chef spend their last scene dancing at their wedding. Which comes as no surprise to me because I had also just finished a book where the writer ends his journey similiarly- At the final moments of their wedding day. Falling asleep in the back of a refurbished 1951 Internation L-120 series truck, inside of a tin roof barn, on a blow-up mattress, and slipping off into their new lives.

A fella can dream right?



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