Best friends: The different kinds that we have.

There are many different types of best friends you accumulate through the years. We all associate a friend with a certain characteristic or trait. Each one distinct from the other. The intelligent friend who gives us the no BS intelligent advice we sometimes really need.  The other friend who will join you on aimless adventures with wild abandon and no censorship. Lastly but surely not least important, our friend who we can honestly spill our heart to. All of these have cross overs but each one is specifically placed in a concrete category that we love.

In the last year I have learned to respect each friend and their designated roles in my personal life. I have always wanted to find someone who could contain all of these qualities and I would simple spend the rest of my life with. Learning later that this is what a ‘Soul-mate’ is. Sometimes you find that person and sometimes you don’t treat them very well. I hope everyone meets such a soul. More importantly learn to love all of your friends as the important individuals that they are.

The Best-Advice Friend

You know who he/she is and they know all of your important life decisions. You go to them with the huge stuff. They can handle the intricacies of your options and help you decipher the best route. They handle the portion of your life that can leave your head spinning faster than whiskey you just drank. This is the person who will give you a very informed opinion based entirely on your words. An entirely unique talent that few of us can master. It’s very important to have this person in your life. They allow you to guide yourself. They are the voice of reason in your life. Clearing the mess inside of your head. Cherish the conversations you have with them because their opinion is unlike anyone else’s. Everyone else wants you to tell your boss off, to be a little bit more open about your thighs, and to just go have fun. But this friend in particular wants to see you truly succeed in the things that you love. Unbiased and informed.

The True Adventurer and Mad-Man

They will do anything on the drop of a dime. You want to have a laugh, dare this friend to do something at the bar and they most certainly will. Another shot? The question never need be asked. Yes! Do you want to go hiking in the middle of winter and camp in the snow? Of course they do! This person brings an unexpected element of surprise to your life when you need a jump start. A great person to have around after a break up. They will break you out of your shell and ag you on to talk to that cute girl who is at the corner of the bar. This person lets you know that that all possibilities are attainable with a little bit of insanity and some man/lady balls/ovaries. They also tend to have the largest hearts too. They hate seeing you in pain so they do all that is in their power to pull you out of it, shake you up, and get your ass in a better place. This person may also be someone who will always want you to sleep on their couch. That might just be specific to me though.

The Emotionally Intense Friend. 

The friend that calls you at all times of day or night to just talk. About anything at all. Sometimes nothing at all. I will get calls for no reason other than to just have someone on the other line in case something happens. This is the friend who you have been emotionally imprinted with from birth to spend your days with getting more excited than you have ever been, and equally sadder than you will ever be able to express. This person allows you to be the emotional person that you are when you don’t have an outlet. Your personal therapist of sorts. They will listen to you even when you sound unreasonable. Adding pieces of advice even though you deject many of them, they don’t get angry at you for it. They understand you are not yourself when you are acting such a way. They love you. You love them. When things are going good though, this person is the one that can really get you laughing. They know your sense of humor. They will push your laughter to its limits. No one understands your humor like this person. You are grateful for the good times and bad times you share with this one.

To all of my dearest friends. You all know exactly where you are in this scheme. We all have the memories that can attest to these truths. Maybe I am a different person for you than you are for me, but I hold all of you very high in my heart. Thank you for being you, as you are, and for all that you do for me.


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