Goodbye 2015…You piece of shit!

I do not think I am alone in saying that 2015 kind of, sort of, really, sucked. We lost some really great people and we never did end up quitting drinking or getting over our emotional problems. I never did end up eating healthy for very long either. After about 2 months I didn’t care that it was 2015 anymore. All I was looking forward to was the idea that this year was going to end sooner or later. It was going to end on some day of the week. I wanted that time and day to happen soon so I could get through a phase of my life I needed to experience.

So here we all are. Just over 12 hours until the New Year. The world is waking up with reflection, regrets, and a good portion of the world already with an unwelcome hang-over. The hang-over is partially from 12 months of constant beat downs, friends and family dying, cops killing innocence, murderers killing cops, a boat load of bad music being released, and our hero Lemmy Kilmeister dying. Also the bottle of liquor and beer from last night. I don’t blame either of us. This year was full of shit in a lot of ways.


With 2016 on the horizon and we are going to approach our difficulties differently this time around. At least I am. I am actually tired of dealing with my own issue with laziness and apathy instead of with steady hard-work and using my free time to volunteer and farm. Maybe its that the populous is focusing their thoughts and energy on being better people in the coming year. Maybe it’s the idea that I can actually change for the better and not bumble and stumble my way through life. Partially it’s because I finally am registering to get my welding degree and live in a town I have wanted to live in for about 4 or 5 years now. Nothing major. Buffalo, NY.

I know, I know. What the hell am I thinking?! I live on an island that is nicknamed ‘Pleasure Island.’ (I’m not joking. They even have an official website.) It’s 75 degrees at 9 in the morning, people are surfing about 100 feet from where I am typing this, and I am house-sitting the most adorable Yorkshire-Terrier. Every couple of weeks I get to hang out with my old man and drink beers on his girlfriends yacht. Not bad!

What none of that has right now though is the depth and the comfort of being around close friends. Actually, this island is almost entirely empty from the months of November until April. I spent almost 3 months here and only made one friend. Well, he is a dog…So, there’s that. I did get to swim in the ocean on Christmas day and work at UPS for the holiday season. Hell I even started a blog!

I don’t believe that 2016 will hand us such an awful deck of cards, so long as Trump doesn’t become dictator and we learn to love each other for the awesome people that we are. From all races, nationalities, lifestyles, and backgrounds. If we are able to lend a helping hand to people when we have the opportunity to, give gratitude for all that we have and have-not, and use our time on living life to the fullest, than the world will be better off. You and I will be better off.

We should also get our shit together. Whatever that shit might be. Your diet shit, your emotional trauma shit, your communication shit, your physical health shit, your student loan shit, your ecological shit, your ‘I-wish-I-had-done-that shit, or your over-all shit. Wherever we feel like our shit is falling apart, lets take a chance and get off of our lazy asses and make this world work for us.

Happy New Year from Depressive Dusty and I hope you all have someone to kiss tonight. In my case I think I will most likely be kissing the rim of a pint of cheap beer or the greasy cheese of a pizza come the strike of midnight. You know, do what you want to do. I’m not judging you.

What better way to ring in the New Year than to take in as many libations and possible and flirt with people we don’t know? Beats me. Let’s get fucking drunk and enjoy ourselves!



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