The 3 Best Movies To Watch When You’re Lonely

I don’t think I am alone when I say that I binge watch specific movies when I am feeling particularly awful. It can be accompanied by the typical ice cream and pizza binge. Mine is usually just bottles of alcohol. Any size or shape. I don’t judge. They all end up tasting salty anyways partially through the movie.

Each one serving a unique purpose in heartbreak and sadness. I mentioned one of these movies in my previous post. Can you find which one it is? Check it out Here.

High Fidelity (2000)

This one goes back as far as my relationship history. Based off of a book of the same title by Nick Hornby. (Which you should absolutely read.)

Starring Rob Gordon (John Cusack) the owner of an almost failing record shop staffed by elitist music snobs. Barry Judd (Jack Black) with a cocky and eccentric attitude the nervous music genius Todd Louiso (Dick). Barry serving as the know-it-all friend who tells Rob that he should just get over her while Dick is the kind hearted, awkward, and insightful friend. Both are necessary to have through break-ups.

Rob recounts his failed relationships only to find that he was actually the problem. Only learning after asking many of them, “Why did you dump me for ____.” Most all of them throw it right into this face. He damaged other people while finding a way to ruin his own life. All but the one woman he wants to really work for and he obsesses about, Laura (Iben Heija).

When they break up she immediately starts dating another man. Nothing like him at all. A peaceful warm-hearted understanding person who makes us want to punch him right in his politically correct face. It rings very similar in my recent break up. Chris. That kind-hearted piece of shit asshole. I’m with you Cusack!

There is a very special scene that shows 3 variations on Robs first encounter with Lauras new boyfriend, Ian. My favorite is when Dick grabs the A/C unit and smashes it into Ian’s face. Barry, Dick, and Rob all join in on punching, kicking, and body slamming Ian while he is on the ground. We have all had this thought. Don’t say that you have not. You would be lying to yourself.

(P.s.-I have tried that ‘obsess and fix everything’ tactic. Don’t get your hopes up. Only Cusack can pull this one off.)

This is a movie for the depressed and hopeless who calls their ex’s at all times of day or night just to try and talk it out. You will be able to relate if you made the mistakes in your previous relationships. Maybe you even got him/her back!

Wristcutters-A Love Story (2006)

It’s exactly as the title says. A world of people who decided to commit suicide. It’s just like our regular world, just a bit shittier. No one can smile. There are no stars. All of the food tastes like garbage. There is not a single smile in the movie until the last 10 seconds. It’s absolutely perfect.

Zia (Patrick Fugit) finds himself on the other side of life with nothing answered and missing his ex-girlfriend. Specifically the perfect version of her that he remembers. This is always how I remember my ex-girlfriends. The perfect moments and the intimate conversations.

While there He meets a Russian man Shea Whigham (Eugene) who is kind of an asshole and lives in this departed world with his entire family. They become friends and have almost nothing in common besides they both killed themselves.

Zia finds out that his ex also killed herself shortly after him.  They decide to go looking for Zia’s ex. Along the way they pick up a hitch-hiker in a dessert, Mikal  (Shannyn Sossamon) who knows she ended up there on accident. She’s looking for the People In Charge to return back to life.

Tom Waits (Neller) becomes a spiritual guide for them in a camp of misfits. While this group of lost people set out on specific destinations they all seem find what they were really looking for once they forget to look. It’s a truly beautiful sentiment that I don’t always find to be true. I am glad that it exists though.

A beautiful romance forms between Mikal and Zia. Then he finds his ex. Who has lost her mind. Realizing he doesn’t love her anymore he finds his gaze on Mikal in numerous moments.

It’s the hopeful dream of finding the person you love after you have given up looking. Not everyone can relate to this, but it leaves a glimmer of hope for us lonely ones.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

Saving the best for last. Eternal Sunshine has became a consistently better movie as I have matured into adulthood. (Well, the hoax that I am an adult at least.)

It’s the perfect visual and emotion description of a life altering break-up.

Joel Barrish (Jim Carrey) and Clementine Kruczynski (Kate Winslet) were in a failing relationship and it walks you through all of the good and bad memories as they are erased through Joel’s mind in a medical procedure.

It walks you through the intimate loving moments we all have while in love. The conversations and the sensation of being enamored in love. Joel tries to preserve his memories to far off parts of his mind where the Erasers may not find them. Only to fail. She’s gone forever.

While you watch Joel and Clementines relationship be erased, you are also watching them meet each other again on accident. Without knowing of their unique past.

What I would do to be able to see my last loving moments and worst arguments again after experiencing them. I wish that we could all see what we have gone through before calling it total quits. This one is hard and leaves off on a very hopeful note after tearing your insides apart.

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