A List. 50 Things to be grateful for.

Lists are something that let me procrastinate the idea of actually getting anything done. I know there are people out there who list everything out and methodically approach each day to try and put a slash through each accomplished task. I usually write lists because I know what I need to do, but don’t actually want to put in the effort to get it done. The list makes it seem like I really have it together. That I might actually do something.

I was reading a blog I am beginning to really enjoy and made a list of 100 things that she likes. Nothing that needs to get done. Simply things that she enjoys. From big ideas to the sound of crunching leaves. I thought, “What a great idea. Making a list of things that don’t stress you out.” It seems so counter-intuitive to me so I am deciding to give it a shot.

50 Things I Like

  1. I love the smell of any coffee. None of them offend me
  2. Carrying around my Nalgene bottle everywhere I go
  3. Pizza-even though I really want to be vegan. I’ll never give it up.
  4. The way my Nana and Papa listen to me talk. I can tell they are simply happy I am here.
  5. The idea that I could pick up a camera and take great pictures, even though I know that is not true.
  6. Wearing my leather jacket. I’ve had it since my first real break up. I love it.
  7. Buying stupid expensive beer and acting like I know what I am talking about when I drink it.
  8. Listening to the same bands for the last 10 years.
  9. Turning on metal and playing it Really loud.
  10. Buying bagels from small shops and feeling proud about it.
  11. Going to the same bars in my hometown that I always go to. Skylark, LUX, Bug Jar, Marshall Street, Skylark. Skylark. Skylark. Skylark.
  12. Feeling proud that my hometown creates a semi-nationally known shitty beer.
  13. The only 30 packs sold in North Carolina are Genesee Beer (That I have found so far. Proud.)
  14. Making healthy life habits.
  15. Reading endless amounts of self help articles on line.
  16. Keeping about 20 tabs open on my computer at all times. I’ll read them sooner or later.
  17. Going to crusty punk houses/shows and not knowing a single person.
  18. Going to crusty punk houses/shows and knowing a lot of people.
  19. Shasta Airflyte trailers and the idea of owning and living in one.
  20. Listening to sad music with my best friend and crying. Yes, I am a dude. That is a real thing that happens between men.
  21. Fall in Upstate New York.
  22. Going for walks in really big parks so that I don’t hear cars or human civilization.
  23. The way it feels when your feet sink into a deep pile of leaves.
  24. Having really great boots for the snow. It makes winter actually enjoyable to me.
  25. Spending an entire day skateboarding with a crew of 5 or more people and then getting pizza.
  26. Waking up and cooking a lot of food from scratch.
  27. Knowing that I can make homemade black bean burgers at almost any minute!
  28. I love that I am only kind of from New York. I’ve never lived long enough anywhere to feel like I am from anywhere.
  29. When in school I truly like when a teacher gets excited about something I did. It makes the whole $20,000-in-debt thing a little more tolerable for a moment.
  30. The idea that I could write for a small time newspaper or zine one day.
  31. Seeing friends that I am not really close with, but close enough to day drink with.
  32. I love to be an ear for someone to talk to and a shoulder for someone to cry on. I like to listen to why people hurt.
  33. Knowing that one day I will be a great man in spirit and convictions. Not right now though.
  34. My old bosses. I had two great bosses recently. I went to both of them for advice and trusted their opinions. I feel very fortunate for knowing them.
  35. I love leaving somewhere and coming back. Everyone gets excited and its a celebration for a couple of weeks! It’s my favorite thing about returning anywhere.
  36. Watching my friends do really good things and get really good at the things they love. The same reasons why I sometimes hate them. But really I love you guys
  37. One of my friends sends my random little presents. It’s always great to get little presents.
  38. Handwriting cards. Even if I don’t get a card back.
  39. Writing in my journal for hours on end and then feeling drained because I have nothing left to write about.
  40. Meeting a stranger and looking up and noticing that they are truly acknowledging your existence.
  41. Dogs of all shapes and sizes.
  42. Playing monkey in the middle with my best friend and his little dog.
  43. The idea of growing my own food again some day.
  44. Being at my nana and papas house and listening to jazz into the late night.
  45. Listening to my nana and papa tell stories from their past. It’s incredibly special because they are both absolutely stunning story tellers.
  46. The rare occasion that I am able to tell a good story. It’s very satisfying.
  47. When my personality unintentionally makes someone laugh really hard and I get confused. I love that.
  48. My friend Andrew who I only see once every year or two. He’s an inspiration to me.
  49. Knowing that my last ex was the woman the world created for me. Coming to terms that she is not necessarily the woman I may spend my entire life with. I am glad that she exists.
  50. Realizing right now that I could write a hundred more things I like.


This is much more light-hearted than I usually do, but I suggest trying it out. This was a really great way to make a simple list of things to be grateful for. I don’t really count my blessings or take note of the things that I have that make me happy. I usually try to wear myself out by feeling everything all at once. It’s really quite pleasant to focus on one thing. Gratitude. I am grateful for you reading my little list. Thank you!

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